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Lumina Americas’ platform comprehends a suite of adaptable and scalable financial software solutions tailored to current dynamic market needs.

These solutions, built on a profound understanding of Emerging Markets characteristics, can be easily customized following specific client needs.

Lumina Americas software consist of different functional modules that can be enabled depending on client´s requirements and that make use a consistent technical architecture.


“Client-server software that allows the use of various modules, either from the Desktop application or from a thin client running in a variety of browsers.”

Elastic Processes

“Our services can be deployed within standard containers such as Kubernetes, allowing them to expand or shrink as required by each process.”


“Streamlining infrastructure deployment, backed by the many benefits cloud technology provides. Deployment can be done on either public or private clouds.”


“Lumina products provide flexible integration with external systems due to their support for a variety of communication protocols using our APIs (RESTful, Soap, Queues, TCP, etc.).”


“The communication between services is secured with protocols and authorization tokens. All authentication mechanisms are customized to each client's official process.”


“We have the ability to program in different languages such as Java, Python, React, Javascript, C/C++, PL/SQL, which allows us to choose the technical solution that best suits the problem.”