Lumina Americas’ platform comprehends a suite of adaptable and scalable financial software solutions tailored to current dynamic markets needs.

These solutions, built on a profound understanding of Emerging Markets characteristics, can be easily customized following specific client needs.

Lumina Americas software consist of different functional modules that can be enabled depending on client´s requirements and that make use a consistent technical architecture.


Competitive differentation

  • Uniquely positioned to provide Regional Solutions and adapt G-10 financial trading practices to Latin America.
  • Leading-edge applications that satisfy the most sophisticated demands of financial institutions in Latin America, integrating front, middle and back office operations.
  • Highly qualified team that combines a profound understanding of the financial markets with an extensive expertise applying technology solutions to satisfy business needs.
  • Advanced front-office tools with focus on leading edge risk management methodologies.
  • Strong capability for understanding, modeling and valuation of complex financial structures.
  • Rapid time to market with existing and proved solutions for Latin America and Emerging Markets.

Lumina Suite

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Map Operations
Lumina Fix Engine Mexican Exchange Connector Lumina Order Management Lumina Asset Management Lumina Order Routing Lumina Trading Station Lumina Straight to Market Lumina Treasury Lumina Mutual Funds Lumina Treasury Structured Notes Lumina Operations