We are a team of over one hundred professionals embracing the challenge of developing solutions for the financial industry and helping our clients shape their business in a constantly
evolving and dynamic market.

In Lumina we equally cherish the technical and personal skills. We value teamwork, generosity and a positive attitude as the cradle for a fantastic work environment. We value initiative, perseverance, focus on results and commitment to quality as the core values required to achieve success in complex and stimulating projects where we incorporate our client objectives as our own.

Our diverse team is composed of talented people with different backgrounds and academic orientation in the software and finance industries, including software engineers with many orientations, actuaries and economists.

We care for the growth potential of our people with training programs and continuos coaching, looking for the success of our client, our team and each person in Lumina.

We are continuously looking to expand our team with persons that share our values and have the stamina to face the challenges of complex and fulfilling projects in the most prestigious financial institutions.

Please, e-mail us to your resume and a cover letter with your professional as well as your personal goals, as we consider every individual as a candidate to join our team, independently of open positions.