Welcome to Lumina

Built as a spin-off of the Latin America Regional Application Development Team of JPMorgan, a group with 10-year experience providing technology solutions for a leading financial institution, Lumina Americas was created as an independent provider of applications and consulting services for the financial world.

Lumina Americas is formed by an experienced group of technologists, with proven track record building, implementing and supporting mission critical systems. We have a diverse professional team, mixing corporate, academic and consulting backgrounds.

With in-depth understanding of Latin American financial markets (products, operations and local regulations), deep technical, business and financial skills and a strong team culture and collaboration ethics developed over several years, we offer to the financial sector companies a wide range of multi-product and multi-market applications adapted to local demands and regulations.

Existing software solutions are uniquely positioned in Latin America to help financial institutions and corporations to create competitive advantage, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.